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    Pest Control

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    انها لخدمات اكثر من متميزة هيا الاخرى حتى اننا فى تقديمنا لخدمات التنظيف هذة نود ان نقدمها بكل حرفيه وبمنتهى الاتقان والتمميز الكبير جدا كما اننا نعمل على ان تظهر كل تلك هذة الخدمات بالشكل المطلوب والمعقول جدا فى تقديم الخدمة لذلك عزيزى العميل نود ان نطلعكم ان خدماتنا فى شركة تنظيف بالمدينة المنورة تقدم بمنتهى الاحتراف والتقدم كما ان هذا الامر المتميز فى تقديمنا لخدمة نقل اثاث بمكة يتمتقديمه ايضا بحرفيه كبيرة جداشركة نقل اثاث بمكة وايضا بما اننا فى الغالب نقدم خدماتنا بكل حرفيه فنحن نعمل على ان تظهر خدمات كشف تسربات المياه بمنتهى الدقة والاتقان شركة كشف تسربات المياه بجدة كما ان ذلك الامر عزيزى العميل هوا لامر مميز جدا بل واننا فى الغالب نحرص على دمجة مع خدمة نقل العفش بالمدينة المنور شركة نقل اثاث بالمدينة المنورة لذلك نحن دائما فى تقدم مستمر مع خدماتنا المقدمة بحرفيه كبيرة جدا
    ونحرص على ان تنفذ خدماتنا بشكل ومضمون كبير جدا ونحن حريصون على ان تظهر خدماتنا بكل مضمون ملطوب وجميل

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    اذا كنت تريد التنظيف الشامل والمستمر لخزانات المياه في منزلك يجب عليك الاستعانه بفرسان الخليج شركة تنظيف خزانات بالمدينة المنورة باسرع ما يمكن وباسعار خيالية
    تابع موقعنا عبر

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    لدى توكيل كاريير العديد من الفروع التى تنتشر فى انحاء الجمهورية فى مصر وتوفر خدمات صيانة كاريير لكافه الاجهزة الكهربائية المختلفه
    تابع موقعنا عبر

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    توجهه في الحال الى احدى فروع صيانة ال جي واصلح الاجهزة الكهربيه المعطله باقل اسعار مقارنه بباقى المراكز الاخرى كما يتوافر لدى فروع صيانة وستنجهاوس خدمات البيع قطع الغيار الاصليه بضمان عام
    للتفاصيل زور موقعنا عبر

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    لدينا خبراء للصيانة في فروع صيانة كلفينيتور لفحص الاجهزة الكهربيه وتحديد السبب فى العطل بها واصلاحه على الفور , ونقدم اليكم خدمات صيانة منزلية من توكيل صيانة فريجيدير لاى مكان في مصر وبسعر خيالي
    زور موقنا للمزيد من التفاصيل

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    اذا كنت تريد كشف تسربات المياه في منزلك يجب عليك الاستعانه باحدى شركات المملكة العربية السعودية ومن اشهر تلك الشركات شركة امتار التى تتخصص فى كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض بشكل سريع ومحترف وباقل تكلفه
    تابع موقعنا عبر

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    اذا كنت تريد ان تقوم باعمال العزل يجب عليك الاستعانه بشركة عزل فوم بالرياض التى تتبع الى شركة اللويمي وسيصل اليك عماله متميزه بالخبره وافضل الاجهزة التى تمكنهم من العزل بشكل محترف وتعد اللويمي اشهر شركة عزل فوم بالرياض وبكافه المدن الاخرى بالسعودية
    تابع موقعنا عبر

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    Welcome to Dr Arun's Pest Solutions

    Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions is one of the Best Pest Control Service providers in Bangalore, Established in March 1996 with a vision of providing cost effective pest control treatment services. We offer Residential pest control services and commercial pest management services in Bangalore.

    With our Expertise in this field of More than a decade and a team of Professional and Experienced Staff, we are proud to have a list of satisfied clientele. With these years of experience, we have understood the demand of customers in preventing pests which cause harm to human beings. We offer various kinds of effective Pest Control Services like Termite control, Cockroach control, Mosquito control, rat control and for all other small insects.

    The main objective of our organisation is to create pest free environments for to our customers without causing any health hazards. We provide pest management operations which are carried out carefully and systematically by the experienced and trained technicians. We Provide Eco Friendly pest control Management Services.

    We extend our Pest Control Services and Pest Management Services to different sectors like Government and Non Govt Organizations, Libraries, Hospitals, Restaurants, Corporate Sectors, Scientific Laboratories, Industrial Areas and Residential Apartments, Garment Factories and Commercial Building Complexes.

    Residential Pest Control Services in Bangalore

    We at Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions, a professional Pest control Services Company with our Expertise have got many satisfied customers, In our Residential Pest control services we provide a Personalised Pest Management Solution depending on your requirement.Our Experienced Staff will inspect your location and provide customised best suited solutions for all your Pest Problems.

    Commercial Pest Control Services in Bangalore

    We have Succesfully worked with many of the Corporates and Industries, helping them in Managing all their Pest Related Isssues with our Expertise, We also provide Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Packages for Corporates to Manage Pest Control Services in Bangalore. Whether you need Pest control Solutions for a Restaurant, Supermarket or any Office, Our Trained Staff will guide you in implementing Effective Pest control Management Solutions for Your Offices.

    Advantages of Dr Arun’s Pest Solutions, Pest Control Services in Bangalore

    <> Over a Decade of Experience
    <> Dedicated and Well Trained Staff
    <> Round the Clock Customer Support
    <> Customised Pest Control Solutions
    <> Corporate Pest Management Solutions

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    Pest control is at least as old as agriculture, as there has always been a need to keep crops free from pests. In order to maximize food production, it is advantageous to protect crops from competing species of plants, as well as from herbivores competing with humans.

    The conventional approach was probably the first to be employed, since it is comparatively easy to destroy weeds by burning them or plowing them under, and to kill larger competing herbivores, such as crows and other birds eating seeds. Techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting (also known as intercropping or mixed cropping), and the selective breeding of pest-resistant cultivars have a long history.

    In the UK, following concern about animal welfare, humane pest control and deterrence is gaining ground through the use of animal psychology rather than destruction. For instance, with the urban red fox which territorial behaviour is used against the animal, usually in conjunction with non-injurious chemical repellents. In rural areas of Britain, the use of firearms for pest control is quite common. Airguns are particularly popular for control of small pests such as rats, rabbits and grey squirrels, because of their lower power they can be used in more restrictive spaces such as gardens, where using a firearm would be unsafe.

    Chemical pesticides date back 4,500 years, when the Sumerians used sulfur compounds as insecticides. The Rig Veda, which is about 4,000 years old, also mentions the use of poisonous plants for pest control. It was only with the industrialization and mechanization of agriculture in the 18th and 19th century, and the introduction of the insecticides pyrethrum and derris that chemical pest control became widespread. In the 20th century, the discovery of several synthetic insecticides, such as DDT, and herbicides boosted this development. Chemical pest control is still the predominant type of pest control today, although its long-term effects led to a renewed interest in traditional and biological pest control towards the end of the 20th century.

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