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10-09-2017, 06:11 AM
Are there any books about cat language / cat psychology you can recommend? Lately I've been looking for ways to understand my cat better - I've been living with cats for like 10 years now but sometimes they can still surprise me with all the random stuff they do

One eBook I've found on the matter was the "Cat language bible" by Jonas Jurgella.

This one is a fairly comprehensive guide to cat behaviour, although some of the stuff didn't surprise me much given the time I've spent living with cats (only one cat for now though ). But I'm glad someone took the time to put all this knowledge in such a well ordered and easy to understand format.

Still, there were some parts that actually surprised me such as how the random headbutts from my cat can be a sign of affection - I thought he is just being silly, but if I think about it, he always does it during our "bonding sessions", it makes a lot more sense this way, haha

The other thing that surprised me is how you can actually "talk" to a cat if you know how to respond and to what - call me dumb but I've never tried this before. I've always used human language and while my cat understands a lot of things, adding in some "cat language" did enhance our communication.
For example, I think many of you know that a cat lowering its head and slowly blinking at you is a sign of affection - if you mimic this behaviour the cat will understand. Seriously, just try it!

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